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Things to Consider Before Buying Your Engagement Ring

Find out what you need to know before buying the perfect engagement ring at Dejaun Jewelers.

Choosing an engagement ring is a special process. It’s an exciting time, filled with love and hope for the future. Yet it’s also a time for important decisions—and deciding which ring is the right one for the love of your life can be difficult.

Shopping for an engagement ring doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, Dejaun Jewelers can make the process simple, straightforward, and even enjoyable. You simply need to know what you’re looking for and what’s most important in an engagement ring. So, we’ve put together this guide to engagement rings to help you make everything easier. 

Select a Setting

One of the first and most challenging decisions you’ll have to make regarding an engagement ring is the setting. A ring’s setting is the basis of the entire piece of jewelry; it’s the design that cradles the center diamond. There are so many different settings to choose from. Some are covered in sparkling gemstones; others are more clean and classic, shining with metal. Still others feature intricate detailing or design additions.

The most common setting types are:

  • The solitaire setting, which features a single diamond atop a metal band.
  • The eternity band, which includes diamonds all around the ring band.
  • The bezel setting, which surrounds the center stone with a metal rim and places it low and close to the band.
  • The channel setting, which contains accent diamonds.
  • The pave setting, which wraps close-set diamonds around the entirety of the band.

The setting you choose should reflect your future fiancee's style. Try to select one that reflects her beauty, her everyday lifestyle, and how glamorous or casual she tends to dress. Explore some classic engagement ring types today. Some of these include:

  • Diamond engagement rings are a classic choice, as nothing will make her say yes faster than a beautiful and huge diamond!
  • Three stone rings represent the past, present, and future with two diamonds to the side of your center diamond of choice.
  • Side stone rings are known for the diamonds that dance down the side of the band.
  • Halo rings are characterized by the center stone surrounded by diamonds, putting the center diamond right in the spotlight!
  • Gold Rings are one to not be forgotten. From rose gold to white gold to yellow gold, a gold band is sure to help make this band shine bright!

Pick a Stone Shape

In addition to selecting a diamond, you’ll also want to choose a specific shape for that gemstone. Some shapes are more common—round (circular) and princess (square), are among the most popular. However, there are other rare and unique options.

You can opt for a pear-shapedoval, or even heart-shaped diamond as the center stone for any engagement ring. Talk with your jeweler to make sure that the shape you like best works with the setting you’ve selected. Your jeweler will also be able to let you know which settings and bands make different diamond shapes look bigger or smaller.

Consider the 4 C’s of Diamonds

The most important—and final—consideration in the process of picking an engagement ring is selecting the perfect diamond. That gorgeous, glittering gemstone will be the centerpiece of the entire ring, and you want it to be absolutely flawless.

There are four important things to know before you pick a diamond: the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s are the four key characteristics that determine a diamond’s price and quality. Every engagement ring, and every diamond, is different, so you can choose whatever suits your budget and your fiancee-to-be’s style.

The 4 C’s are:

  • Cut. This refers to the angles seen in a single diamond. How the stone reflects light, shines with rainbows, and sparkles on its face are all determined by cut.
  • Color. Though diamonds are thought of as white in color, they’re actually clear—and their natural color ranges from yellow to colorless. The clearer a diamond, the more perfect it is, and the more it will cost.
  • Clarity. As natural stones, diamonds often feature flaws (also called inclusions) beneath their surface. Diamonds with inclusions of any kind can be more affordable, but those free of flaws makes them shine the most beautifully and clearly.
  • Carat weight. This refers to the size of the diamond or, more accurately, its weight. The bigger and more sizable the diamond, the more expensive it will be.

Visit Dejaun Jewelers Today to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Based in the greater Los Angeles area, Dejaun Jewelers is the source for truly exquisite engagement rings. Our two showrooms in Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks, and our vast online selection, all offer an ever-expanding collection of engagement rings for every bride-to-be. From the world’s most desired jewelry designers to the most stunning styles and sparkling diamonds, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with Dejaun Jewelers’ helpful, experienced staff. Visit us in person, or learn more about our engagement rings by emailing or calling 800-807-0181 today.


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