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Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Shape for Her Hand

Purchasing an engagement ring is a challenging process – not only is a future groom often shopping without the input of his bride to be, but he is often worried that he won’t find the perfect ring. Will the ring fit?

Purchasing an engagement ring is a challenging process – not only is a future groom often shopping without the input of his bride to be, but he is often worried that he won’t find the perfect ring. Will the ring fit? Will it complement her hand and her sense of style? With a vast wealth of engagement rings to choose from, it’s no surprise that the process can often feel more daunting than thrilling.

Fear not: there’s an ideal ring style and shape for every type of finger and every hand shape. At Dejaun Jewelers, finding an exceptional engagement ring becomes a worry-free and exciting event. From a knowledgeable and helpful staff dedicated to each customer and an ever-expanding selection of engagement rings to browse, Dejaun Jewelers provides guidance and high-end options.

There are a few tips and tricks that can make finding a perfectly suited engagement ring even more effortless. Follow this helpful guide, and choose the right ring for the right woman with ease.

Determine Her Hand Shape

The first thing to consider when shopping for engagement rings is to follow a formula for the perfect fit: the ring should suit a woman’s individual finger and hand shape. When trying to determine what style would look best, the shape and size of a diamond is dependent on the length and width of the wearer’s hand. Take note of your beloved’s hand shape before shopping. Are her hands and fingers short or long? Is her hand shape a bit wider, or are her hands elongated? These key factors will determine the shape of the diamond, as differently cut and sized stones suit different hands. 

Understand the Different Diamond Shapes

With all of this talk about shape, it’s important to understand that diamonds, like hands, come in a vast variety of shapes. In fact, you may have heard your other half mention her favorite diamond cut before in passing. There are ten common cuts used to shape diamonds:

  • Asscher
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Marquise
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Round

The shape of the diamond is key – it determines the overall appearance of the engagement ring. Each type of cut can be placed in different settings, so it’s important to first determine what diamond shape suits a woman’s hand before picking the details of the setting itself. Dejaun Jewelers can help customers see each cut in person at one of two showroom locations, Woodland Hills or Thousand Oaks. By viewing the shapes, you will gain a better understanding of what each entails.

Combine Hand Shape and Diamond Shape for a Perfect Match

Now that you’ve determined her hand shape and figured out what different diamond shapes mean, it’s time to blend this knowledge together to narrow in on the perfect engagement ring. Certain diamond cut shapes work better when worn on specific hand sizes or shapes.

Short Hands

Short, small hands can make smaller diamonds look bigger, but appear to be weighed down with bulkier cuts of diamonds. Small round cut diamonds, as well as princess, Marquise, and oval cuts, will make a perfect fit. The Bvlgari Griffe oval ring AN853576 is one example. Large round cut, as well as emerald and heart cut diamonds, will overwhelm a smaller hand.

Long Hands

Long, lengthy hands can accommodate more variety in diamond shape. Engagement rings featuring round and princess cut like the Hearts on Fire Adoration ring are a popular choice for women with longer hands and fingers, but emerald, cushion, oval, and Asscher cut diamonds are all excellent choices.

Wide Hands

Engagement rings for wider hands can carry bigger, bulkier diamonds. In fact, a sizeable stone will slim hands in addition to impressing with sparkle and shine. Broad palms and wide fingers are perfectly suited to cluster settings or round stones like the Hearts on Fire Atlantico ring, along with radiant, princess, oval, and pear cuts. Large square diamonds, like the Marquise and emerald cuts, can appear to widen hands – if choosing these shapes, it’s a smart idea to set them horizontally rather than vertically, as is traditional.

Narrow Hands

Lastly, brides-to-be with thin hands (narrow palms and fingers) have a plethora of choices. Only two shapes tend to overwhelm thin hands: the radiant and heart cuts. Any other stone shape will be well-suited, from round to emerald to cushion to pear. An excellent emerald cut can be seen in the Bvlgari Griffe ring available at Dejaun Jewelers.

Consider the Band Beneath the Stone

The final quality to consider is the band upon which your carefully chosen diamond will sit. The style of the band, much like the cut of the diamond itself, will also look different on every individual hand. Hand shape again plays a role here, too.

A wide band complements long fingers and hands, as lengthy shapes can carry more visual “weight.” Narrow hands and slender fingers do well with thick bands as well. Short hands and fingers are perfectly suited for thin bands, which add length. Bands of medium thickness are a good choice for wide hands, balancing the stone evenly when worn.

Visit Dejaun Jewelers Today to Find that Perfect Engagement Ring

There are countless engagement ring styles, models, and collections available in the Southern California showrooms of Dejaun Jewelers. From different diamond cuts to band styles to 

settings, the perfect engagement ring awaits. As an authorized retailer of designer jewelry, Dejaun Jewelers offers only authentic, high-quality jewelry crafted to please. With rings by luxury brands like Christian Bauer and Hearts on Fire and an always-growing selection to choose from, Dejaun Jewelers can guide you to the ring of your dreams.

For more information on the engagement rings available today at Dejaun Jewelers, you can visit your local showroom, visit, or call 800.807.0181 today.


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