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5 Crucial Questions to Ask When Buying Luxury Timepieces

Even the most experienced shoppers can quickly get lost when searching for their next high-end watch. Here are five questions every watch buyer should ask of their salesperson before making a purchase. 

When shopping for a new watch, there’s much to consider: new styles, new trends in timepieces, and even new technology. Even the most experienced shoppers can quickly get lost when searching for their next high-end watch. Often, the most helpful and knowledge source is an expert salesperson. Yet not every salesperson is well-versed in the world of luxury timepieces; so how can a shopper determine which watch is truly the best for them?

At Dejaun Jewelers, watch aficionados can place their trust in the highly skilled team. The Dejaun Jewelers staff knows timepieces, specializing in the vast array of Swiss-made luxury watches available in store and online. While watches are quite complex and require significant experience to understand, the Dejaun Jewelers team offers guidance and insight for shoppers of any level of watch knowledge.

To ensure a timepiece is truly a fit, it’s important to be well-informed while shopping. Here are five questions every watch buyer should ask of their salesperson before making a purchase. With these questions, anyone can find the right timepiece with the right features.

1. How Does This Watch Work?

First and foremost, both a customer and a salesperson should understand how a given watch works. The inner workings of a timepiece make a significant difference in its quality. Furthermore, while many watches merely offer the time, other models feature additional attributes like date, calendar, or chronograph. Ask the salesperson to demonstrate how each watch works to fully understand its settings – and, more importantly, how to use it properly and avoid damage.

The expert team at Dejaun Jewelers’s two locations, Thousand Oaks and Woodland Hills, can walk customers through any watch in the store’s vast selection. Customer experience is of the utmost importance to Dejaun Jewelers, meaning every shopper receives personal attention and every question is answered. View detailed timepieces like the Zenith Christophe Columb Hurricane Grand Voyage II, or classic Swiss watches like the Baume and Mercier Classima 08592 watch, as the Dejaun Jewelers staff explains their features and their use.

2. What Type of Movement Does This Watch Feature?

Those who adore timepieces are most likely familiar with the different types of movement possible in various watches. However, novice shoppers might be a bit fuzzy on why, exactly, movement matters. Movement is the heart of a watch, the way in which it keeps time. Not all types of movement are equal, and it’s important to select a watch with the type of movement that suits a shopper’s needs or interest.

A skilled salesperson, like those at Dejaun Jewelers in the San Fernando Valley, will be able to explain not only the movement of a specific watch, but also why that movement makes a difference. Ask for detailed information regarding a timepiece’s movement: Is it mechanical, automatic, or quartz? What does this mean for the watch’s accuracy? How long can a watch go between windings? Just because a watch is labeled “Swiss made” doesn’t mean it’s the right variety for you – getting details about its inner movement will help to understand any regular maintenance needed to keep time.

3. What are the Complications Included with This Watch?

The more a timepiece takes on, the more complicated it becomes – and the more complications it features. While many watch wearers believe that timepieces are meant to merely tell the time, luxury watches can do so much more. So, it’s a good idea to inquire about a watch’s complications, or extra features. Complications can include everything from alarms and calendars to moon phases and repeaters to chronographs and tachymeters. With the right watch, the complications can allow a wearer to calculate speed, distance traveled, or even fuel usage.

At Dejaun Jewelers, the wide variety of high-end watches available go above and beyond the basic wristwatch. Browse timepieces with unique complications, like the Raymond Weil Maestro 2227-STC-00659 model with a central 60-second hand and tourbillon, for a combination of classic style with added flash. Sporty timepieces like Chopard’s Superfast 161291-5001 watch or Ulysse Nardin Diver 263-99LE-3C with water resistance and power reserve include even more complications. With a skilled team member’s assistance, it’s easy to narrow down these many options and find the perfect fit.

4. Are You an Authorized Retailer for This Brand?

Another crucial quality shoppers should inquire about is a retailer’s status as an authorized retailer. Timepiece brands are not available at all retailers, and it’s important to determine if a given store is allowed by the watchmaking company itself to sell its products. Authorized retailers are the only place where shoppers can ensure they are purchasing original watches. If a retailer is not authorized, there is a risk that they may sell fake, previously owned, or even stolen timepieces.

Dejaun Jewelers is an authorized retailer for many different luxury watch and jewelry brands. From Baume and Mercier to Zenith, Dejaun Jewelers offers the world’s best high-end timepieces with the guarantee that your purchase is truly authentic. Dejaun Jewelers provides customers with a full manufacturer’s warranty on every timepiece, ensuring its value and the customer’s investment.

5. What Will It Cost to Get This Watch Serviced?

Once a quality watch is purchased, it will have a long life ahead. However, timepieces of all types are machines – and over time, they require servicing. Depending on a given watch’s movement, it may require more frequent servicing. From battery changes to cleaning and oiling, a luxury watch owner should expect to visit their watchmaker regularly. Yet each visit can come with a costly price tag along with that necessary maintenance. Before purchasing a timepiece, it’s a smart idea to inquire about what services will be included going forward. Ask your salesperson to explain the maintenance that will be required, and what that might cost.

In addition to offering a selection of luxury timepieces, Dejaun Jewelers provides in-house watch repair and maintenance services. At both the Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks showrooms, Dejaun Jewelers has a team of skilled watchmakers who assist customers with comprehensive timepiece care. Everything from battery replacements to complete watch repair can be performed on-site. Dejaun Jewelers can waterproof, polish, and restore any timepiece – and each watchmaker is certified in Swiss watches to ensure the utmost care is taken with every service.

Visit Dejaun Jewelers Today for Quality Timepieces

Armed with the knowledge of what to ask and what to know about purchasing a timepiece, now you merely need to find the watch you seek. Visit Dejaun Jewelers at the Village at Woodland Hills or The Oaks in Thousand Oaks, just a short drive away from the Valley and Los Angeles, to explore an always-expanding selection of luxury Swiss timepieces. There is no better place to find your perfect wristwatch.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dejaun Jewelers has an unparalleled selection of watches and level of customer service. Discover all of the timepieces for both men and women by visiting a Dejaun Jewelers showroom, calling 800.807.0181, or visiting today. 


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